लक्ष्मीनाथ समारम्भाम् नाथयामुन मध्यमाम्।

अस्मदाचार्य परयन्तम् वन्दे गुरु परम्पराम॥

यो नित्यम् अच्युतपदाम्बुजयुग्मरुक्म-व्यामोहतस्तदितराणि तृणाय मेने ।

अस्मद् गुरोर्भगवतोऽस्य दयैकसिन्धोः रामानुजस्य चरणौ शरणं प्रपद्ये ॥

भूतं सरश्च महदाह्वय: भट्टनाथ श्रीभक्तिसार कुलशेखर योगिवाहान् ।

भक्ताङ्घ्रिरेणु परकाल-यतीन्द्र​-मिश्रान श्रिमत्परान्कुशमुनिम् प्रणतोस्मि नित्यम् ॥

Meaning I bow down to the Great Alwars(total of 12 names).

घुश्यतेयस्यनगरे रङ्गयात्रादिनेदिने ।

तमहंशिर्सावन्दे राजानं कुलशेखरम् ॥

Meaning I bow down to the great King Kulashekhara-alwar, in whose Kingdom Sri Ranganatha's yatra is conducted daily.

श्रिवल्लभेति वरदेति दयापरेति,

भक्तप्रियेति भवलुनठनकोविदेति ।

नाथेति, नागशयनेति, जगन्निवस​,

त्यलापिनम् प्रतिदिनम करु मे मुकुन्द​॥ M.M. Verse 1

M.M -> Mukunda Mala Stotram

Alwar says

Oh my lord only who is capable of giving deliverance(moksha), Please make me capable of chanting every day, Thy names such as, Lord of all beings, He who can give all boons, He who is the store house of mercy, He who loves all his devotees, He who can kill all problems of this world, He who is Lord of every thing, He who sleeps on the serpent, And He who lives every where in this universe.

जयतु जयतु देवोदेवकिनन्दनोयम्,

जयतु जयतु कृष्णो वृश्णिवंशप्रदिप​: ।

जयतु जयतु मेघश्यामल: कोमलाङ्गो,

जयत जयतु पृथ्विभारनाशो मुकुन्द​: ॥ M. M Verse 2


नास्था धर्मे न वसुनिचये नैव कामोपभोगे

यद्यद् भव्यं भवतु भगवन् पुर्वकर्मानुरुपम्

एतत् प्रार्थ्यं बहुमतं जन्मजनमान्तरेऽपि

त्वत्पादाम्भोरुहयुगगता निश्चला भक्तिरस्तु ॥ M.M. Verse 5

Alwar Says

I have no interest in Dharma, Nor in collection of wealth and assets, Nor in passion and making love, For what has been decided by you, Will come to me in the form of karmas of the past, But I have one soulful prayer to thee, my Lord, In this birth and what follows, Let me have rock like faith, In thine two holy feet.

The bold line is punch line for Sharanagati... Which is well explained by Bhagwan himself in BG 18.66

Disclaimer I do not promote any disrespect and/or any atrocities against any individual, community, or a group. My comments/posts are personal opinions based on Hindu Scriptures, I take no responsibility of any Physical/Mental loss or harm to any person caused by my 'personal opinions' any individual reading my comments/posts should use his/her intellect to act according to the Law.

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