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I am a student who mainly codes in the Python language. I also know HTML, CSS, and JS.

I participate in moderation efforts, whether it be in SOCVR, SOBotics, or Charcoal HQ. I also do some reviewing in the queues, and I participate primarily on Meta Stack Overflow and Meta StackExchange. I am also developing a bot, called closinator, which will hopefully help reduce the number of low-quality questions on Stack Overflow.

As for my pronouns, call me whatever you want. Like any rational human being, I wouldn't care what pronouns you use to address me. I'm a "he" but I'm not going to enforce that or put it in my display name like some people do. If I meet someone, why would I care what gender they are? How is it relevant, in any way? As usual, some people just try to gain attention on social media. This is my opinion, please don't enforce yours onto me.

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I took my profile pic with a Nikon d5000

This is my first youtube video

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