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How to know the site stat? For example, how many questions are asked per day?

Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) is a good way to get various statistics. (Although you'll need to write an SQL query using the available database - or find a query written by somebody else.) So ...
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Are there any statistics available for users of this community by country?

There is a Data Stack Exchange site, where we can create queries to get the data from any Stack Exchange site. Fortunately requested query is already present. And as per that query result, it seems ...
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Just some fun user stats

Voting includes both UP & DOWN votes. On slightly deeper analysis... Top 15 haterz (downvote/upvote ratio): Top 20 loverz (upvote/downvote ratio): I don't understand the point of ...
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How is our site faring compared to other SE sites when it comes to daily traffic?

The order of traffic of all Stack Exchange sites is available on Stack Exchange site. As of today, our site is on #89 with 6.4k visits per day. ...
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