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Why some questions can't be linked to other questions as duplicate?

I think the issue is with using hyphen/dash (minus sign) - while searching. I've found some work around for it: Quote your text with " i.e write "Anshavatar and Purnavatar - are there different ...
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Why search bar in our main site automatically taking keywords as tags?

This has been around since long time. This quote is taken from the How do I search? help article: To exclude results from a tag, term or phrase, prefix it with - in your query: waffles -unicorns ...
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3 votes

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

If I remember correctly, the user "Surya Kanta Bose Chowdhury" contributed many posts but deleted his account later. This is a new account with the same name and somehow one old post got ...
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This search yields the correct result only when I'm logged in and not when I'm logged out

This is on purpose, according to staff member @animuson here: Search is heavily rate-limited in various ways for anonymous users for performance reasons. Anonymous users get cut off after 500 results ...
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