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10 votes

Till when an accepted vote can be changed?

According to the The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide : Accepting All must wait 15 minutes after asking to accept any answer All must wait 48 hours after asking to accept own answer ...
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10 votes

Is it against the rules of SE to not accept most answers?

Accepting an answer is completely voluntary. You won't be banned even if you don't accept one answer. There's no obligation for people to accept answers. From this answer: Which answer should I ...
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9 votes

How are answers accepted after the OP's account is deleted?

No one1 can accept an answer except the OP of the question. In general, it doesn't matter since an acceptance only means that the answer helps OP the best. Accepting an answer is not meant to be a ...
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7 votes

The rate at which I accept answers

Try this query: AAR A snapshot of result for your account:
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5 votes

Allow to accept more than one answers to a question

Only one answer should be allowed to be accepted. Usually OP selects the best answer among all and as the superlative suggests "best" cannot be many! Also, giving of +15 reputation with an ...
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