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Checking the list of suspended users

After searching, I found the list of suspended users for mathematics stack exchange site. How can I search for our main site?
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Can users who constantly engage in edit-wars with other users over tags be banned from the site?

Does the system allow for banning users who engage in disruptive behavior of the following nature; User doesn't like the use of a particular tag. Instead of bringing the issue to notice on meta, user ...
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On the two recent user bans

Why is one user banned for a year while the other only for 7 days? Why is one user's recent post deleted by a mod as offensive and also warned in comments not to ask such anti-XYZ questions, but why ...
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Few questions on user suspensions

It must be an extremely disappointing feeling for a highly active and a fairly contributing user to find that he is banned for a period of 6 months or one year or more. Given that he will be eager to ...
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