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Should votes on comments be incorporated into the reputation of the commentator?

The website does has the facility to upvote & flag comments & considers it to be an achievement to create a comment which has more than 5 upvotes - which shows that comments are taken ...
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Please try to appreciate others' views, answers and perspectives - even if you don't agree!

In continuation of this post... ...we are not always right. So when you see someone writing an answer that contradicts your own views, beliefs, thinking etc., let's try to upvote their answers if ...
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Why did the question with "blue guy" get many views?

Yesterday a question was posted under identification-request. Some unregistered user posted a question about Shiva's family. He referred gods as people and Shiva as blue guy. It was just an ...
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Comment after you downvote and stop commenting +1 after you upvote

Site is now generating quality content, but few users are complaining that others users are down voting their post and are not providing any reason to do so. On the other hand am seeing lot of users ...
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