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Another illogical tag merger

The illogical Vishnu-Narayana merger might be tied to religious beliefs some sects have. Today I discovered that "Varanasi" is not allowed as a tag - it maps to "kashi". Why are ...
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Can we un-synonymize the 'festivals' tag?

Currently, the festivals tag has three synonyms, holi, diwali, and ganesh-chaturthi. It seems to me that these should be un-synonymized because each of the traditions has its own history and customs ...
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Why are "narayana" and "vishnu" merged as tags?

First of all it is a sectarian position that they are the same. But by that logic all 1000 names of Vishnu can be merged under Vishnu
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Regarding definition tag [duplicate]

I believe that it will be very useful to introduce definition tag in the main site. A related tag terminology exists in that site but definition tag allows us to properly and precisely define the ...
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Tag Cleanup proposals

Post a tag as answer which needs reworking (delete, merge, rename etc). I will fix simple issues of tag synonyms or renaming but some tag proposals can only be fixed by discussing with fellow users. ...
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We need a new post for tag cleanup

I think we need a new "tag cleanup post" because the existing one (The one tag cleanup post to rule them all) has grown very big (40 answers) and it's becoming difficult to get notifications or see a ...
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The one tag cleanup post to rule them all [duplicate]

I was going through our tags and I found some inconsistency and non-standardization and might need cleaning up. Few already raised and fix by individual meta posts, and I did few by my own-self, ...
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Merge the [gods] and [devas] tags

I think when people use the tag gods it can generally be taken as equivalent to devas. I cannot think of any instance in which a question pertains to one and not the other, so it might be best to ...
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Tag modifications request

I found some of the tags which I think could be repaired or made synonyms. They are as follows: soul - jiva - aatma - spirits (synonyms?) puja - worship (synonyms?) tantrik-vidhya - black-magic (...
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Fixing [god] and [gods] tags

The god and gods tags seem to be a little unnecessary. At the very least, they are redundant with respect to each other. Also, as has been discussed here I'm not even sure if these words make any ...
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Tags Moksha and Mukti are synonymous. Aren't they?

I found that this question has used tags moksha and mukti. I think that both Moksha and Mukti are synonymous. So, I suggest that we either delete one of the tags or make one the synonym of the other.
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Why two tags for Avatar?

We currently have two tags for Avatar, avatara and avatars. I thing one of then should be synonym of other. Currently i can't suggest synonym for this case, that's why raising it here.
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