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For the post that deals with the evaluation of the site, typically used for "Progress Report" which are usually posted every year.

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My dream of graduation

I always have this thought in my mind. When our main site will get graduated There are many questions, asked by several users, on this site regarding this. Still, due to my consistent thoughts on it,...
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Progress report for the site

Few days back a user posted a question on meta which asked "Where do we stand?" and was deleted later by himself, so I thought to post one about the sites progress. You can also refer another post of ...
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Progress report for the site II

I wanted to post this in the first week of March but I wanted to analyze things perfectly out here and also I was bit busy since a month hence got delayed. Lets take a look at the analytics here As ...
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Who all visit the Hinduism.SE & how does it really influence others?

As per this post, the total visits to Hinduism.SE is 8-10k per day. This number could be quite high compared to the total registered users. Also, active users are much less and the daily contributing ...
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How to increase the number of answers per day?

This site has been in public beta (thanks to the efforts of many people) for an year. I was comparing the stats with the Buddhism public beta. We have 5000 visits per day whereas they have only 1000. ...
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