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What scriptural books make up your impressive collections?

As discussed here, scriptures are the most authentic source of knowledge as per our Acharyas. Our site has many users who are well versed in several Shastras. To know more about such users and popular ...
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If a lot of a scripture is lost , and most of what allegedly remains supports the sectarian position of the citer - how are we to take it?

"paingirahasyabrahmama" is a good example. Most of it is claimed to be lost - but AFAIK, only a few lines supporting one sect are supposed to have survived. Is this a fair way to search for ...
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Are HSE participants allowed to denigrate Hindu scripture in their own words (not citing scriptural material)? [duplicate]

What is the story of Vishnu killing sage Bhrighu's wife Kavyamata? the user writes: Unfortunately, the Devi Bhagavatam is widely regarded as not being an authentic Hindu scripture; it's ...
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