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Please migrate this question to an appropriate site

I'm talking about the question: Is Rama Setu a historical proof of Ramayana? It is quite obvious that the question isn't suitable for our site and that's why it is closed as well. It can't be answered ...
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Why was the question 'Kaaba of Mecca and the Hindu connection' migrated to History SE?

Kaaba of Mecca and The Hindu connection? on Hinduism SE was migrated to History SE (Was Kaaba initially a Shiva temple?) yesterday with this reason: This question was migrated to History Stack ...
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Why was the question 'When and why did Ganga become a holy river' migrated to History SE?

Why was this question ("Historically, when (and why) did Ganga become a holy river? Is it after Sarasvati dried up?") migrated to History.SE? For those who can't see the deleted/migrated ...
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Should we migrate all 'Jiddu Krishnamurti' questions to Philosophy.SE?

Questions like: What are the teachings of Sri Jiddu Krishnamurti? This is what he thought about all religions: The question is: Is there not truth in religions, in theories, in ideals, in beliefs? ...