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Is this site suffering from religious chauvinism?

A recent question on the MAINS gets 10 Upvotes. This is the question: Do all Non-Hindus remain as Pretas after death? Now, I want to ask, why should this site reconcile with any question related with ...
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Need to take down abysmal posts from the main site

I am not active on Hinduism much, but lately, a couple of my friends from here shared a few posts with me from here, which I feel are ridiculous to be even posted in public. Rather than answering such ...
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How to deal with comments and posts bashing Abrahamic religions?

The road to Taxila As usual in this recent history, everything has been destroyed by the religions of “peace” aka muslims and christians. Are such comments and posts "normal" across SE ...
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Is this site promoting a culture of bullying new users?

Welcome to Hinduism Stack Exchange! Please don’t spread false information about Hinduism. They maybe your views, but the various answers have clarified to the contrary and have been accepted and voted ...
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Why was this flag declined?

Who cares for Spitzer here.... – Rakesh Joshi Mar 26 at 18:47 unfriendly or unkind – sv.   Mar 27 at 20:48   declined  (10 hours ago) I'm not sure why the comment which clearly ...
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Is it fine to use a derogatory word like Mleccha on this site?

Only some time back I got to know about the word "Mleccha" and Wikipedia offers the following definition: Mleccha (from Vedic Sanskrit mlecchá, meaning "non-Vedic", "...
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