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Is there any component of opinion based in Indra's question?

I recently posted a question and its answer. Question received 3 down-votes and answer received 2 down-votes and 2 close votes. In the body of the question, I clearly asked that Are there any modern ...
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A question that is answering itself

I am not talking about self answered questions. Suppose the body of a question has answered itself. In that case, what action shall we take? Shall we close the question? If yes under what reason?
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Do we have an ethical liability or not on this site?

There is a more than one month old question on this site which is ripping apart the ethical liability/morality of this site. It's the case of the weird victim-blaming with religious backing. It did ...
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Was it reasonable to close this question as opinion-based?

Are both Shiva and Vishnu considered supreme as per Vedas? This question has been put on hold as "primarily opinion-based" by a mod. The automatic reason stated in the banner is: Many good ...
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Does anyone who got a temple, will make them god/goddesses by default and their questions would be on-topic?

We just got this question which got debated a lot for on-topicness and one of the answerers made argument that it's on-topic because “Bharat Mata" has a temple and make it on topic because Wikipedia ...
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How is the following question Scientific Speculation or not related to Hinduism?

How does a Swan separate milk and water, as claimed by Hindu scriptures? The question only asks how it happens. The question does not ask how is it "scientifically" possible or so. Also, it is by ...
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Why is the "some good/bad omens" question not considered "too broad"?

This is about What are some of the good and bad omens? The question asks for both good and bad omens as per scriptures (I think all are also covered because good and bad covers all. If there is no ...
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Should we allow "How do I prove something", "How can I refute this argument" type of questions?

Examples: How do I prove casteism is not an inherent part of Hinduism? Feminist's claim that the Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata were written by male writers (my own question from early days on ...
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Is "What scriptures/XYZ say about ...<my off topic query>?", a freeway to convert a Qn to on-topic?

There are numerous Qn-s (including few of mine), which starts with, "What scriptures/some school/my favorite philosophy/acharyas/XYZ say about [some concept]?" Many a times these Qns are on-...
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Should we close questions related to Sanskrit language and grammar as off-topic?

Some questions on the main site seem to be about Sanskrit and not directly related to Hinduism. For example: Representation of number 0-9 in Sanskrit shloka Correct gender version of Sanskrit name ...
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Why Hinduism SE doesn't have "not Constructive" and "not a real question" options for closing questions?

Many Stack exchange sites have "not constructive" and "not a real question" options to close a question if question is not constructive or real. There are few questions on this site which are very ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is this type of closing a question valid?

The question Can the Guna-Karma classification of the Varna system be translated into profession? is close-voted as a duplicate of the question titled K.S. Bhagavan's critique of Adi Shankara. These ...
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Are questions related to certain "practices" which might be "superstitions" likely to be closed?

I recently asked a question, which was promptly closed as off topic, citing: This question does not appear to be about Hindu religion, within the scope defined in the help center The question ...
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Why was my question closed? What exactly is an "opinion-based" question on Hinduism.SE?

My question How to introduce Hinduism to Children? was closed as "primarily opinion-based." The SE standard explanation is: Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert ...
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What should I do if my question was close voted without correct reasons?

I have asked a genuine question which I had in mind. Unfortunately it was marked as duplicate by one of the moderators because the moderator had posted a similar question. I did my due research ...
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Is this question really off topic?

I am asking a reason from the scope of Hinduism for this question. Why did my question got closed? why are eggs not consumed in hinduism
16 votes
6 answers

Define Off-Topic Close Reasons

As we know, currently we don't have precise reason for closing a question as off-topic, but I would like users to suggest precise description for marking a question as off-topic, this will help the ...
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