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After leaving a chat-room I am still being shown as present in it

Sometimes, it so happens that even after I have duly left a chat-room, by clicking on the "leave" button, I am still being shown as present in the room. It does not happen all the time but only on ...
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Is it possible to backup chatroom messages and export them?

Is it possible to backup chatroom messages and export them? Actually it is not my question but something that Hindukid had asked me here whether it's possible or not? also, asked, if there is any way....
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What is the Official policy for comments being moved to chat for this site?

Usually I flag those answers, under which the comments are not directly discussing the context of the Qn. Either it's only a less relevant part of answer or deviated or a debate. For example, I had ...
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Not able to see chat through chat link

In some question I see that comments are moved to a chat and a link is provided for viewing the same. But my problem is whenever i try to open that link it shows me a window saying chat is opening but ...
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What prompted the changes to moderation in main chat room?

Recently (not very recently but a couple of months ago) there was a change in room ownership in Hinduism chat room. A couple of old owners were removed from the list of Room owners. After a week or ...
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