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Should votes on comments be incorporated into the reputation of the commentator?

The website does has the facility to upvote & flag comments & considers it to be an achievement to create a comment which has more than 5 upvotes - which shows that comments are taken ...
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A question about a tag badge that I have earned today

Today when I logged in, I was notified that I have earned the "smriti" tag badge, which is a bronze badge. You can verify that from the link:
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Questions regarding Revival badge

One day I got 2 Upvotes for this answer which was answered by me more than 60 days later. Then I received revival badge. But when I edited the answer, somebody removed their Upvote, now I am having 1 ...
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How is the number of "views" counted in Hinduism.SE?

Yesterday I asked following Qn: What is "Brahm" in "Brahmacharya"? How does it relate to celibacy? And just now I was notified for a badge due to 1000 views. However, I don't ...
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