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How are answers accepted after the OP's account is deleted?

If a user asks a questions and gets a proper answer and the user becomes inactive forever or deletes his account without accepting the answer, then does any other person has a privilege to accept the ...
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Till when an accepted vote can be changed?

Let's say one user asked a question and got two/three answers. Later he accepted one of the answers. Now can he change his accepted vote? If so, is there any time limit? Please explain if same rule ...
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Is it against the rules of SE to not accept most answers?

Among the most of the answers I get on my questions, either I do not feel the answer is right, or they are opinion based. Some answers (and comments that support their answers) do not share references....
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The rate at which I accept answers

I'm looking to find the ratio "number of questions from me with accepted answer" divided by "total number of questions from me". This is what I mention as my "answer accept ...
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Allow to accept more than one answers to a question

Some questions are so vast topic in Hinduism and may have more than one answers. So it should be allowed to accept more than one answer.
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