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Guidelines for new users answering questions

Given the nature of the subject, many questions will undoubtedly get different answers, views and opinions. But to keep the site as authentic as possible, certain guidelines should be followed while ...
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What kind of references are valid in answers? Are modern works allowed?

This is a question about what kind of references have to be provided when writing answers on Hinduism.SE. My basic question is: Are modern shlokas, scriptures, views, sayings etc. valid when using ...
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Can we enforce quotations of scripture references?

The site is only one day old, and already there is quite a bit of contention between the different understandings of Advaita, Vaishnavism, Shaivism, etc. This is to be expected with such a large ...
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Official policy for deleting answers that don't cite sources

As discussed in this question, most users agree with rule of backing up answers with sources. Now comes the question, what is the official procedure for deleting answers that don't cite sources? Two ...
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What scriptural books make up your impressive collections?

As discussed here, scriptures are the most authentic source of knowledge as per our Acharyas. Our site has many users who are well versed in several Shastras. To know more about such users and popular ...
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Questions seeking mantras and answers providing them

Mantras in Hinduism are sacrosanct and must not be uttered/chanted injudiciously nor should they be heard or given outside proper procedure. There is rampant disregard for this rule on this forum and ...
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Which scriptures / sources are considered valid?

This is an extension of my older question. As per current thread: Can we revisit the sources required rule?, the general sentiments seems that we must cite the sources for the answers. Hence, it's ...
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Is Personal Experience a Source?

Many answers on this site don't really have tangible sources such as citations from scriptures or the internet. My question is, if someone's answer is based on their practices growing up and ...
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Changing the policy of deleting unsourced answers

Welcome to the Graduated Hinduism Stack Exchange! :) Directly Deleting unsourced answers without increasing moderator burden with 2 flags per post has been proposed in the month of Oct'21 which seems ...
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How to deal with an answer which is basically "a blog owner's opinion/interpretetion"?

In recent times i found that one user is basically copy pasting posts from arbitrary/unknown blogs as answers.Many of his answers are like that with this being a typical example. How to deal with them(...
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Do we require to cite sources/scriptures in philosophical thinking?

What does this website's name stand for? (SanAtan) Dharma vs Hinduism Looking at the vast knowledge of members here, I often feel that what we majorly discuss here is SanAthan Dharma disguised as ...
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Upvoted and accepted answer deleted by moderator

There is this question on whether saints and sages can be worshiped in Hinduism and why Sai Baba is worshipped in Hindu temples. Why Saibaba is worshipped as a deity in Hindu temples? I gave ...
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A call to action: what do you want to see here?

As you may have noticed, the big news of the day is that your moderator team has changed. I thought I would take this as an opportunity to issue your community a call to action. The moderators on any ...
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Anyway to block the user 'xiguai' from creating more accounts, reduce spam?

Anyway to block the user xiguai from creating more accounts and posting spam?
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