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Official policy for deleting answers that don't cite sources

As discussed in this question, most users agree with rule of backing up answers with sources. Now comes the question, what is the official procedure for deleting answers that don't cite sources? Two ...
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Guidelines for new users answering questions

Given the nature of the subject, many questions will undoubtedly get different answers, views and opinions. But to keep the site as authentic as possible, certain guidelines should be followed while ...
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Should we close questions related to Sanskrit language and grammar as off-topic?

Some questions on the main site seem to be about Sanskrit and not directly related to Hinduism. For example: Representation of number 0-9 in Sanskrit shloka Correct gender version of Sanskrit name ...
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Can we enforce quotations of scripture references?

The site is only one day old, and already there is quite a bit of contention between the different understandings of Advaita, Vaishnavism, Shaivism, etc. This is to be expected with such a large ...
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What changes would you like to see happen for your continued active participation on this site?

What is that you like about this site compared to other SE sites? In what areas is this site lagging and can be improved? All opinions/suggestions are welcome.
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Can we revisit the sources required rule?

There are a few answers based only on what the user knows and which do not provide any citations, what exactly do we do in these cases? From Can we enforce quotations of scripture references?, we get ...
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Please welcome your new pro tem moderators

For those who don't know me, I'm Pops, one of the Community Managers at Stack Exchange. I'm here with news of a big change today. Two of your existing moderators, Ankit Sharma and Mr. Alien, have ...
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Can we change the "help center" link appearing in off-topic reason to on-topic page?

Problem: One of our current off-topic reasons reads as: This question does not appear to be about Hindu religion, within the scope defined in the help center. The problem with the above help text ...
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Should we change at least one of our current moderators?

Background This question could have been another 'Why was my answer deleted?', as recently one of my answers got deleted, which was answering the question properly with scriptures. Neither did the ...
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Is the moderator justified in deleting this answer?

The following answer to How to start reading Bhagavad Gita? is deleted by one of the moderators here. Is the moderator justified in deleting the entire answer just because it contains a link to one ...
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What should we do about opinion based answers?

I'll keep it brief. Browsing the site today and saw this: Is the ultimate purpose of life only to serve God? There are 7 answers on there, and except for jabahar, everyone just gave some wishy washy "...
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Upvoted and accepted answer deleted by moderator

There is this question on whether saints and sages can be worshiped in Hinduism and why Sai Baba is worshipped in Hindu temples. Why Saibaba is worshipped as a deity in Hindu temples? I gave ...