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Guidelines for new users answering questions

Given the nature of the subject, many questions will undoubtedly get different answers, views and opinions. But to keep the site as authentic as possible, certain guidelines should be followed while ...
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What kind of references are valid in answers? Are modern works allowed?

This is a question about what kind of references have to be provided when writing answers on Hinduism.SE. My basic question is: Are modern shlokas, scriptures, views, sayings etc. valid when using ...
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Can we enforce quotations of scripture references?

The site is only one day old, and already there is quite a bit of contention between the different understandings of Advaita, Vaishnavism, Shaivism, etc. This is to be expected with such a large ...
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Official policy for deleting answers that don't cite sources

As discussed in this question, most users agree with rule of backing up answers with sources. Now comes the question, what is the official procedure for deleting answers that don't cite sources? Two ...
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Why aren't unsourced answers getting deleted even though the policy says that they should be?

In this answer, Pandya, one of the moderators, says Though we have a policy of deleting unsourced answers after 15 days if sources are not added, we hardly delete the answers. Many unsourced answers ...
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Why was my this answer deleted?

I posted an answer to this question but it was deleted by one moderator citing that "this does not answer the question". This does not answer the specific question about Ramanujacharya's reasons, ...
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Is it fair to promote own posts by either linking them into own Q&A or making insignificant edits?

This post is not an attempt to oppose/blame anyone but only to better understand the stance of community. There are 2 ways to promote own posts: Link own earlier posts into newer posts just for sake ...
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Help us out to make this site better!

As we know, Hinduism.SE is now two years old. It's been a great journey till now, and am looking to make it even better. I will need your help, i.e users of Hinduism.SE to make it even more better. I'...
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What should we do about opinion based answers?

I'll keep it brief. Browsing the site today and saw this: Is the ultimate purpose of life only to serve God? There are 7 answers on there, and except for jabahar, everyone just gave some wishy washy "...
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Create the on-topic (page) for this community

In the help center of Hinduism.SE, the on-topic section is empty / has nothing site-specific. For example, in other religious sites like Christianity and Islam have it properly updated. Even recent ...
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Should we change at least one of our current moderators?

Background This question could have been another 'Why was my answer deleted?', as recently one of my answers got deleted, which was answering the question properly with scriptures. Neither did the ...
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Answer wrongly deleted - 1 [compromised]

Here is the post: Why did Krishna steal butter and milk?. This nearly 2 years old answer is deleted under no clear written policy. I have presented 2 reasons to the Qn & also cited following ...
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Can the mods go easy on declining flags on old unsourced answers?

Some of my recent flags asking for citation notice on a couple of old answers from 2014 are declined. In the decline reason, the mod is pointing me to an answer about deleting old unsourced answers ...
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A chat event on discussion on handling poorly sourced answers and on other things

Namaskar! As you'll know we have an Official policy for deleting answers that don't cite sources which now also covers an issue of old unsourced answers. While responding to Why aren't ...
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Answer wrongly deleted - 3 [resolved]

Here is the post: Why does Lord Shiva fulfill wishes of evil people also?. This answer is deleted under no clear written policy. There are 2 requirements for answer to be valid: 1. Attempt to ...
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The "Best" and the most "Underrated" QnAs ever, according to you?

I'm thinking if everyone would be interested in giving a short list of Questions and Answers which in their "humble" opinion are the Best and/or the most Underrated on the MAINS? Something ...
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