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Use of sources to validate answers? [duplicate]

So I have been asking my Indian friends with varying degrees of adherence to the Hindu belief system. I'm a little bit confused regarding the use of sources to answer questions. Most of the guys I ...
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What is the order of pramāṇic validity on this site? [duplicate]

First, what pramāṇa are acceptable? Second, if the claims of two proofs are inconsistent, which method should win out? I know there are related questions in this Meta, but they are limited to one or ...
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What are the valid scriptural references for Hindus? [duplicate]

As per the sites policies, what are the valid references that can be used for authoritative answers to Hindu questions.
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What brought you here?

I'm just curious as to how people found out about this site, so I'm running a bit of a survey here to know more about fellow users. Basically, if someone has provided an answer to the titular question ...
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Who all are authority or qualified to post an authoritative opinion on religion, spirituality and Hindu Dharma?

In the absence of any scriptural reference, written works of scholars, researchers and popular personalities can be used which must be providing a relevant answer. The above is taken from this answer,...
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Is it OK to cite Wikipedia in answers?

Many answers are quoted from Wikipedia. Is that a good resource to depend on? In other words, are Wikipedia entries on Hinduism.SE without any distortions and biases? Would citing books and other ...
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Can we revisit the sources required rule?

There are a few answers based only on what the user knows and which do not provide any citations, what exactly do we do in these cases? From Can we enforce quotations of scripture references?, we get ...
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Let's delete all old answers from early days of the site that lack any references at all

Inspired by the following comment by @Shog9, I'm proposing to delete all answers from early days of the site that have zero scriptural references and sound like plain opinions. ...the notion of ...
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How to deal with comments which are disrespectful towards Hindu Rishis, beliefs, gods?

Recently I came across the following comment which was posted under one question on the Main site (The comment is currently not to be found as it was deleted). Simple explanation is they did not ...
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unfair moderation with inherent bias?

It is a common maxim that Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. Unfair "moderation" by a coterie of people here who have a common belief is leaving no room for freedom of expression on this website. ...
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Should a famous Hindu Swamiji, Guru, Indologist, Hindu book writer etc. were to join this forum

...will we enforce the same kind of rules on them as we would on ordinary users? That is: Will we bug them to support their answers with citations? Will we remind them they cannot cite some of their ...
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Standard comment suggestions for site issues

Recently, I had asked a question to request standard comment suggestion for no source answers. but that question was for answers which were copied from other sites and didn't include the source link ...
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So can I use a comment as an answer to the question?

I have been going through the unanswered questions list of this SE and was surprised to see how many of the questions were actually answered in the comments. The commentator then virtually abandons ...
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Are questions about Shirdi Sai Baba and his teachings on-topic?

Should we allow these questions about Shirdi Sai Baba and his teachings on this site? Did Shirdi sai mention anywhere that he will born again? Why is Sai Baba worshipped on Thursdays in particular ...
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FAQ Index for Hinduism Stack Exchange

Community FAQ For Hinduism Stack Exchange and Hinduism Meta Stack Exchange For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Hinduism.SE is part of a wider network; for issues that ...

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