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Can we revisit the sources required rule?

There are a few answers based only on what the user knows and which do not provide any citations, what exactly do we do in these cases? From Can we enforce quotations of scripture references?, we get ...
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Official policy for deleting answers that don't cite sources

As discussed in this question, most users agree with rule of backing up answers with sources. Now comes the question, what is the official procedure for deleting answers that don't cite sources? Two ...
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Change the moderators of Hinduism SE Site

I am using this Hinduism SE Site for almost 1 year now. And from my experience of 1-year, I found that this site (which I know is still in beta) really needs set of ACTIVE Moderators. Out of 4 ...
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Why was my this answer deleted?

I posted an answer to this question but it was deleted by one moderator citing that "this does not answer the question". This does not answer the specific question about Ramanujacharya's reasons, ...
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What should we do about opinion based answers?

I'll keep it brief. Browsing the site today and saw this: Is the ultimate purpose of life only to serve God? There are 7 answers on there, and except for jabahar, everyone just gave some wishy washy "...
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Do we require to cite sources/scriptures in philosophical thinking?

What does this website's name stand for? (SanAtan) Dharma vs Hinduism Looking at the vast knowledge of members here, I often feel that what we majorly discuss here is SanAthan Dharma disguised as ...
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How is this even an answer that my flag was rejected?

This question asks: Which scripture is the source of (a particular verse)? The answer given uses only one sentence to address it viz- "But as far as I know it's not found in any scriptures." (The ...
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Moderating for knowledge, not truth

Religious sites are among the most challenging moderation tasks. Before I was hired as Community Manager, I was an active moderator on Biblical Hermeneutics, so I feel I have some justification in ...
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Is the moderator justified in deleting this answer?

The following answer to How to start reading Bhagavad Gita? is deleted by one of the moderators here. Is the moderator justified in deleting the entire answer just because it contains a link to one ...
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Should we change at least one of our current moderators?

Background This question could have been another 'Why was my answer deleted?', as recently one of my answers got deleted, which was answering the question properly with scriptures. Neither did the ...
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Why is there a minimum word count requirement to answers? And yet another instance of unfair moderation

So, the moderator deleted an answer of mine (related Q Holy cows and plastic bags) The reasons given are unsatisfactory; I quote a portion of it " they shouldn't just be three lines long." Why not? ...
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Answer wrongly deleted - 1 [compromised]

Here is the post: Why did Krishna steal butter and milk?. This nearly 2 years old answer is deleted under no clear written policy. I have presented 2 reasons to the Qn & also cited following ...
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A call to action: what do you want to see here?

As you may have noticed, the big news of the day is that your moderator team has changed. I thought I would take this as an opportunity to issue your community a call to action. The moderators on any ...
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Reliable citations

Lately, I have been seeing answers that are quoting blogs. Citing blogs can be very problematic as circular citations are a likely possibility i.e. the blogs would in-turn cite Hi.SX as source and ...
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Why is this answer not deleted yet?

This is the answer i'm talking about. The answer does not even remotely addresses the question. And,in any case, when Tezz has precisely answered the question there was not any real need for adding ...
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