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Please share your problems and suggestions to improve the site

It might be just me but I am feeling that the main site is going nowhere. I feel most of the people are being active here to see how and when to start a debate with others but not how to improve this ...
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Political and Scientific questions are off-topic for Hinduism SE

Recently, a user posted these questions: Why Hindu saints are targeted very badly in India? I have been living outside India for the last couple of years but I saw plenty of fake cases against Hindu ...
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Official policy for deleting answers that don't cite sources

As discussed in this question, most users agree with rule of backing up answers with sources. Now comes the question, what is the official procedure for deleting answers that don't cite sources? Two ...
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A chat event on discussion on handling poorly sourced answers and on other things

Namaskar! As you'll know we have an Official policy for deleting answers that don't cite sources which now also covers an issue of old unsourced answers. While responding to Why aren't ...
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Guidelines for new users answering questions

Given the nature of the subject, many questions will undoubtedly get different answers, views and opinions. But to keep the site as authentic as possible, certain guidelines should be followed while ...
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What kind of references are valid in answers? Are modern works allowed?

This is a question about what kind of references have to be provided when writing answers on Hinduism.SE. My basic question is: Are modern shlokas, scriptures, views, sayings etc. valid when using ...
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Is it OK to cite Wikipedia in answers?

Many answers are quoted from Wikipedia. Is that a good resource to depend on? In other words, are Wikipedia entries on Hinduism.SE without any distortions and biases? Would citing books and other ...
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Which scriptures / sources are considered valid?

This is an extension of my older question. As per current thread: Can we revisit the sources required rule?, the general sentiments seems that we must cite the sources for the answers. Hence, it's ...
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Users asking for scientific answers / reasons

I think this is in a way duplicate to my other question here but that's for questioning and I recently hit a bump with a user where he was asking for a scientific reason. When I tried to explain that ...
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Should we close questions related to Sanskrit language and grammar as off-topic?

Some questions on the main site seem to be about Sanskrit and not directly related to Hinduism. For example: Representation of number 0-9 in Sanskrit shloka Correct gender version of Sanskrit name ...
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The Bias of the Moderators of this Site?

I write here to complain about the bias of the moderators of this site. My strong complaint is against Vedantic moderators like Pandya and a few others like him, who cannot moderate in a dispassionate ...
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Call out to Mods! Why no action from almost 3 years?

There seems null meta activity from mods these days or at least null interaction with the community. No action by any mod on the following series of posts: 1. To remove mythology tag: New Community ...
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A Notice About Personalized Advice?

Recently while exploring Christianity Stack exchange , I came across a notice mentioning that The site does not offer Personalised Advice and is not a substitute for advice of priest , pastor or other ...
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Where is the Hinduism SE FAQ?

As a new user of any site I first have a look at the faq of the site. I could not find the FAQ for this site containing the rules and regulations of this particular site (like what questions we can ...
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Please use consistent spelling in your posts

There are a lot of ways to transliterate Sanskrit and other liturgical languages of Hinduism, and there are even more ways to transliterate the versions of Sanskrit words that have been loaned into ...

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