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Private beta extended - please focus on quality

I'm a member of the Community Management team here at Stack Exchange; we're the ones responsible for determining when each new site is ready to move on to the next stage of its life cycle. It's been a ...
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unfair moderation with inherent bias?

It is a common maxim that Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. Unfair "moderation" by a coterie of people here who have a common belief is leaving no room for freedom of expression on this website. ...
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Where is the Hinduism SE FAQ?

As a new user of any site I first have a look at the faq of the site. I could not find the FAQ for this site containing the rules and regulations of this particular site (like what questions we can ...
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FAQ Index for Hinduism Stack Exchange

Community FAQ For Hinduism Stack Exchange and Hinduism Meta Stack Exchange For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Hinduism.SE is part of a wider network; for issues that ...
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Let's prepare the layout and contents for "Useful resources" at help center

After discussion on About providing useful resources at our help-center, Now it is time to create the layout and provide content for the section "Useful resource" at help center. So, Let's build ...
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Questions asking whether Hinduism is unique with respect to a particular feature?

Consider a question as follows Is it true that only Hinduism has the feature F? Suppose it is clear that Hinduism has a feature F. I want to know whether Hinduism is the only way/religion that has ...
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Users should make use of their privileges

The issue with this website is that we have merely 25 users with reputation > 200. Still as the site is in public beta, users get access to important privileges with less reputation compared to sites ...
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How much of cross religion questions should we allow?

In our FAQ post: How does a new user get started on Hinduism SE?, we have following suggestion: Avoid asking cross religion questions, I am just highlighting this out in bold because we want to ...
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Posts Appearing on "Hot Network Questions" List. Let's make them good!

Alright, as private beta is over, questions of the site (which get lots of activity) will now start showing in the Hot Network Questions list. Which means, they will have a lot of audience, almost the ...
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Please remember to vote, It doesn't cost Money!

Voting on Stack Exchange sites does a number of things. It rewards the content that we like to see when we upvote. It also signals trust, the more someone is upvoted, the more powers on the ...
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Are Buddha's origin and life going to be a nod to cross religious questions?

We know Gautama Buddha was born as a Hindu religion and also talked about topics in Hinduism including Vedas, caste system and many more. He is also predicted as an incarnation of Vishnu in the ...
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