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Political and Scientific questions are off-topic for Hinduism SE

Recently, a user posted these questions: Why Hindu saints are targeted very badly in India? I have been living outside India for the last couple of years but I saw plenty of fake cases against Hindu ...
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What does the notice about personalized advice imply?

A few weeks ago, A Notice About Personalized Advice was requested on our site like Christianity Stack Exchange has. After some discussion, it came into live. This is the text in the notice. Like ...
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Asking for help / solutions to solve personal issues should be considered off-topic

Recently a user asked a question like Is it possible to stay full time at a temple/religious location for an year or so? Since over a year I've this disconnect with everything around me, people ...
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Can we change the "help center" link appearing in off-topic reason to on-topic page?

Problem: One of our current off-topic reasons reads as: This question does not appear to be about Hindu religion, within the scope defined in the help center. The problem with the above help text ...
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Should we have a new tag called 'general-advice' or 'advice?'

This question – How to start reading Bhagavad Gita? – sounds like a personal advice question to me however the community has allowed it. Since we've decided to allow it, how about a new tag – advice ...
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How much of Ayurveda is accepted here?

As of now, we don't have Ayurveda.SE. And many times, its proposal has failed. But now Hinduism.SE is live and the Vedas are part of it. Now my concern is, on Hinduism.SE, are Ayurveda-related ...
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Create the on-topic (page) for this community

In the help center of Hinduism.SE, the on-topic section is empty / has nothing site-specific. For example, in other religious sites like Christianity and Islam have it properly updated. Even recent ...
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Are topics on "VAstu ShAstra" considered in the scope of ON topic?

The ancient Indian science of "VAstu ShAstra" deals with the subjects of establishing harmony between "Panch MahAbhuta" or the 5 elements of the material nature, such as Agni(fire), Jala(water), Bhumi(...
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Why not help people convert their off-topic questions to on-topic?

I see a lot of questions being marked as off-topic for various reasons. Should more focus not be placed on helping these people to get their question trimmed to bring it under the guidelines of the ...
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Why flagging in Hinduism SE is not as per other SE Sites?

I see many "thank you" and "welcome to Hinduism " kind of comments in this SE Site, below both question and answers. And it is expected on SE Site that (AFAIK) , if you find such comments that don't ...
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Is comparison of a topic with other religions on-topic?

I thought this question was asked before on meta. but couldn't find a link. So, I am asking it. Is it on-topic to ask for differences/relation by comparing other religion similar topics? Something ...