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Need to take down abysmal posts from the main site

I am not active on Hinduism much, but lately, a couple of my friends from here shared a few posts with me from here, which I feel are ridiculous to be even posted in public. Rather than answering such ...
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How does this SE handle questions that obviously have ulterior motives?

Recently we saw a spate of questions ridiculing , deliberately misinterpreting and spreading false stories about Hindu deities, vAnGmaya and beliefs. All of them seem to have taken their cue from the ...
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How is the word "mleccha" considered offensive?

Recently, many of my questions and answers using the word Mleccha have been edited and replaced with another word conveying a similar meaning, like "foreign" or "christian," etc. I have accepted ...
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Defining Site level CoC

So there were couple of incidents happened which made me post this on meta. Events like this: Event 1: @RamAbloh I don't worship shiva because he is too tamasic for my tastes. Same with his wife. ~ ...
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Moderating for knowledge, not truth

Religious sites are among the most challenging moderation tasks. Before I was hired as Community Manager, I was an active moderator on Biblical Hermeneutics, so I feel I have some justification in ...
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How to deal with the users who have an ulterior agenda?

Nowadays seeing that the main site is flooded with questions, from primarily two users who have set out to denigrate certain community of Hinduism. It is annoying to read such questions. These users ...
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Do we have an ethical liability or not on this site?

There is a more than one month old question on this site which is ripping apart the ethical liability/morality of this site. It's the case of the weird victim-blaming with religious backing. It did ...
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How to deal with comments and posts bashing Abrahamic religions?

The road to Taxila As usual in this recent history, everything has been destroyed by the religions of “peace” aka muslims and christians. Are such comments and posts "normal" across SE ...
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Is it fine to use a derogatory word like Mleccha on this site?

Only some time back I got to know about the word "Mleccha" and Wikipedia offers the following definition: Mleccha (from Vedic Sanskrit mlecchá, meaning "non-Vedic", "...
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Does this site have or need a "scriptures should be interpreted properly" rule?

One moderator in this answer writes: Yes, scriptures should not be used to demean particular caste or gender. Instead, scriptures should be interpreted properly. The same moderator on the main site ...
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Is it possible to always follow the "code of conduct" of stack exchange on HSE?

The code of conduct of stack exchange says that We don’t tolerate any language likely to offend or alienate people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion — and those are just a few ...
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Should users on this forum declare they will act on their beliefs?

Should there be a "put your money where your mouth is" rule for Hinduism Stack Exchange? For example: If someone thinks Sati is dandy - should he declare that if he were to pre-decease his wife, he ...
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