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Tag Cleanup proposals

Post a tag as answer which needs reworking (delete, merge, rename etc). I will fix simple issues of tag synonyms or renaming but some tag proposals can only be fixed by discussing with fellow users. ...
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New Community Consensus on use of Mythology Tag

First of all I want to tell that before upvoting or downvoting just by seeing the title read the whole question first. For a long time the tag mythology has been creating conflicts in the community, ...
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Why is Hinduism SE not expanding?

I entered in this site on 5th October 2015 (as per your log records), as somebody on suggested to interact with the people active in this site, so that I can get more enlightenment here. So ...
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Should we elect new moderators?

At least last few months we have been observing except Pandya, there is almost no activity from other moderators. I am not blaming them as such, because every individual has their own personal ...
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Purge and blacklist the mythology tag

As we all know that since mythology had bad connotation since it mostly/usually refers to the "study of myths" and hence the use of mythology tag has been creating problems for years. (Community is ...
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Is comparison of a topic with other religions on-topic?

I thought this question was asked before on meta. but couldn't find a link. So, I am asking it. Is it on-topic to ask for differences/relation by comparing other religion similar topics? Something ...
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Apparently the term 'Mleccha' is offensive to 'foreigners', but the term 'mythology' is not offensive to scriptures of 'natives'?

Mods, are you ever going to remove the mythology tag ? It doesn't matter what the ideal replacement is - scriptures, sacred-texts, vedas, itihasa, purana, epics - are fine, and cover the gamut of non-...
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User was removed

An actively voting user got deleted today. Many people have reputations loss due to that. Which User got removed? & also Why (if anyone knows)? From this meta post, it appears that the user may ...
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FAQ Index for Hinduism Stack Exchange

Community FAQ For Hinduism Stack Exchange and Hinduism Meta Stack Exchange For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Hinduism.SE is part of a wider network; for issues that ...
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Is it fine to use a derogatory word like Mleccha on this site?

Only some time back I got to know about the word "Mleccha" and Wikipedia offers the following definition: Mleccha (from Vedic Sanskrit mlecchá, meaning "non-Vedic", "...
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Why aren't we answering on meta?

The question is simple but I think the problem is not so simple. Recently the rate of answering on meta is very poor. For a beta site, meta is like heart. It's where the site decisions are taken, ...
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Questions asking whether Hinduism is unique with respect to a particular feature?

Consider a question as follows Is it true that only Hinduism has the feature F? Suppose it is clear that Hinduism has a feature F. I want to know whether Hinduism is the only way/religion that has ...
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Was my question unfairly deleted?

My question comparing the God of Hinduism to the God of the Abrahamic religions was deleted as off-topic: This question does not appear to be about Hindu religion, within the scope defined in the ...
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How much of cross religion questions should we allow?

In our FAQ post: How does a new user get started on Hinduism SE?, we have following suggestion: Avoid asking cross religion questions, I am just highlighting this out in bold because we want to ...
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Mods - When are we going to remove mythology tag?

New Community Consensus on use of Mythology Tag very few people care about the pedantic semantic difference between myth & mythology. for all intents & purposes, mythology means imaginary ...
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