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FAQ Index for Hinduism Stack Exchange

Community FAQ For Hinduism Stack Exchange and Hinduism Meta Stack Exchange For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Hinduism.SE is part of a wider network; for issues that ...
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Political and Scientific questions are off-topic for Hinduism SE

Recently, a user posted these questions: Why Hindu saints are targeted very badly in India? I have been living outside India for the last couple of years but I saw plenty of fake cases against Hindu ...
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Standard comment suggestions for site issues

Recently, I had asked a question to request standard comment suggestion for no source answers. but that question was for answers which were copied from other sites and didn't include the source link ...
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The Inmates are Running the Asylum?

I read this post of the user vedicd. The question he tried to raise was valid, but his approach was probably wrong. If he knew the answers were wrong, then he should have posted the correct answer ...
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Definition for science speculation to our main site

I read some questions and answers on our meta site to get an idea on scientific speculation. But did not get the whole idea. My current ideas are as follows: Any statement that completely belongs to ...
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Where is the Hinduism SE FAQ?

As a new user of any site I first have a look at the faq of the site. I could not find the FAQ for this site containing the rules and regulations of this particular site (like what questions we can ...
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Is asking for direct references containing science on-topic?

According to this meta post, asking for scientific explanations behind Hindu traditions or practices is off-topic. But what about asking for direct references or shlokas that may contain scientific ...
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Is "What scriptures/XYZ say about ...<my off topic query>?", a freeway to convert a Qn to on-topic?

There are numerous Qn-s (including few of mine), which starts with, "What scriptures/some school/my favorite philosophy/acharyas/XYZ say about [some concept]?" Many a times these Qns are on-...
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How should we handle answers with partial scientific speculation and/or partial answers which are not from Hindu perspective?

As discussed in this meta answer, Scientific speculation is off-topic for this site. If whole answer engages scientific speculation, we can remove the answer under scientific speculation. But some ...
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Answer wrongly deleted - 5 [compromised]

My first answer on this site to the post How could octogenarian heroes fight in Mahabharata? was deleted. The answer was deleted under scientific speculation. However: There was no written policy, ...
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Is it wrong to provide a scientific explanation to a question in Hinduism SE? [duplicate]

One of my answers in this SE has been commented that it is not permitted to provide an answer on the grounds of scientific reasoning. I think that Religion compliments Science, so in my view a ...
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Can We use Scientific Relations in answers and questions? [duplicate]

Recently while I was answering a question, I was suggested that I need not use scientific relations in my answers. Stories make beliefs, but proofs built theologies. I know today's science is not ...
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Should questions about the science behind rituals be off-topic?

Hinduism includes many rituals which are based on religion. But within each of these rituals and beliefs there are hidden scientific facts that are known and unknown to modern science. Hinduism is not ...