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Users asking for scientific answers / reasons

I think this is in a way duplicate to my other question here but that's for questioning and I recently hit a bump with a user where he was asking for a scientific reason. When I tried to explain that ...
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Define Off-Topic Close Reasons

As we know, currently we don't have precise reason for closing a question as off-topic, but I would like users to suggest precise description for marking a question as off-topic, this will help the ...
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Should this bounty be canceled and returned to the user?

What is the validity of Authoritativeness of vedas? This question currently has a bounty and the reason begins with: Are the existing proofs of Veda Apourusheyathva valid in modern scientific world? ...
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Where is the Hinduism SE FAQ?

As a new user of any site I first have a look at the faq of the site. I could not find the FAQ for this site containing the rules and regulations of this particular site (like what questions we can ...
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FAQ Index for Hinduism Stack Exchange

Community FAQ For Hinduism Stack Exchange and Hinduism Meta Stack Exchange For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Hinduism.SE is part of a wider network; for issues that ...
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Is Logic and Science really off topic for Hinduism Stack Exchange?

Refer: Political and Scientific questions are off-topic for Hinduism SE Note: I'm not outright saying people need to start asking questions regarding Modern mathematics and Quantum Physics in ...
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Whats the real reason my answer was deleted? This answer was marked as spam or rude or abusive. There is nothing spammy or rude or abusive. The objection "current events not allowed" doesn't stand ...
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Shouldn't Stackexchange change this website structure to Question-Opinion site?

I've seen most answers are opposite from each other. On a single question, multiple answers can be correct, although they are way different, different answer. So shouldn't it be Question-Opinion ...
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Asking for stories related to temple history. Is it on-topic/off-topic?

There are many temples in India (or other countries) related to Hindu religion. And many has their own significance of being established at that place. For example like: A God kept the step here. ...
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Bountied question expecting answers with "science behind religious beliefs and practices" an okay trend?

This recently bountied question demands for an answer - scientific explanation behind the practices of vāstu-śāstra. I recently got interested in vastu. What is the scientific reason of all. I know ...
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What's wrong with asking mentions of eclipse restrictions in Hindu scriptures?

This question is closed as offtopic Why is Chandra Grahan (Lunar eclipse) considered unsafe for pregnant women in Hinduism? I don't understand why. please help me understand. He is just asking about ...
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An edit proposed to the on-topic page of our help center

As we know, we have an on-topic page. This is shown as What topics can I ask about here? in the help center. This page helps the users to know which questions are on-topic and off-topic on our site. ...
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