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We are neither Hindus nor Indians!

I am a Hindu as well as an Indian. You say you're a Hindu as well as an Indian. But WE are neither Hindus nor Indians. Over my one whole year of this site, I have found that certain users have been ...
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Avoid posts targeting beliefs

We know that our community is suffering from the sectarian issue. The main problems are: Questions that target the beliefs of particular sect Comments that engage in sectarian debating Answers that ...
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What is the site policy for comments used to attack authors?

This from an answer written by a mod a few days ago: Even comments should be used only for asking clarifications and suggest corrections on posts (questions and answers) and many comments become ...
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The tone of language does matter to the health of our site

What we're ignoring The tone of language does matter to the health of our site. Recently many rude/offensive comments and hatred posts have been observed. Most of us might be aware about the issue of ...
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Is it not a right time to divide the HSE sect wise?

I posted the question Why don't we start a sect-wise SEs in Hinduism? on March 10, 2020, with a view to eliciting opinions of members of this site. As of today, at the time of posting this question, ...
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Guidelines for new users answering questions

Given the nature of the subject, many questions will undoubtedly get different answers, views and opinions. But to keep the site as authentic as possible, certain guidelines should be followed while ...
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Moderating for knowledge, not truth

Religious sites are among the most challenging moderation tasks. Before I was hired as Community Manager, I was an active moderator on Biblical Hermeneutics, so I feel I have some justification in ...
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Concerns about brigading

Lately, it seems there has been a tendency for some users to group together and compulsively upvote posts that adhere to a certain viewpoint or posts by certain users that uphold this viewpoint or ...
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Do meta questions have a quality standard?

A few weeks back, there was a question posted on meta Why is it marked as duplicate? From the title, it asks why the question is marked as a duplicate of another question. But when we look into the ...
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is denigration of Hindu scripture allowed just because it appears in other hindu-scriptures?

"Among these puranas Satvika Puranas lead one to liberation, Rajasa do not cause good and tamasa puranas lead one to hell." (236.2) vishnuists bring this up again and again and again and there cannot ...
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