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'Mythology' tag - Nth discussion [duplicate]

Myth definition: a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. a ...
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Why hindu scriptures termed hindu mythology? [duplicate]

Please using the mythology term for scriptures should be stopped its all due maculay system of education, that hindu scriptures are termed like that, hindus themselves started using this words without ...
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Tag Cleanup proposals

Post a tag as answer which needs reworking (delete, merge, rename etc). I will fix simple issues of tag synonyms or renaming but some tag proposals can only be fixed by discussing with fellow users. ...
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Purge and blacklist the mythology tag

As we all know that since mythology had bad connotation since it mostly/usually refers to the "study of myths" and hence the use of mythology tag has been creating problems for years. (Community is ...
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My concern about the use of mythology tag

One of my question has been edited and tagged under mythology. The question was about Mahabharata and Hindus believe that Mahabharata is not a myth but an authentic history. Myth and history are ...
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Can users who constantly engage in edit-wars with other users over tags be banned from the site?

Does the system allow for banning users who engage in disruptive behavior of the following nature; User doesn't like the use of a particular tag. Instead of bringing the issue to notice on meta, user ...
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Should this user be blocked or removed from the post of moderator

This person with the name of Mr. Alien has been tagging questions related to Hinduism as mythology. Who gives him such authority and on what basis is he doing this? Can anyone explain. The user ...
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Call out to Mods! Why no action from almost 3 years?

There seems null meta activity from mods these days or at least null interaction with the community. No action by any mod on the following series of posts: 1. To remove mythology tag: New Community ...
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Apparently the term 'Mleccha' is offensive to 'foreigners', but the term 'mythology' is not offensive to scriptures of 'natives'?

Mods, are you ever going to remove the mythology tag ? It doesn't matter what the ideal replacement is - scriptures, sacred-texts, vedas, itihasa, purana, epics - are fine, and cover the gamut of non-...
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Mods - When are we going to remove mythology tag?

New Community Consensus on use of Mythology Tag very few people care about the pedantic semantic difference between myth & mythology. for all intents & purposes, mythology means imaginary ...
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Either delete the tag "identification-request" or limit it's usage

The tag identification-request is completely redundant. And, the way it's excerpt is written, it can be used with way too many questions. A tag, which is redundant as well as not being related to ...
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Need to remove "hindu" tag

I edited out 3 questions recently where OP used hindu which makes no sense as site itself is about hinduism and hence, I would request a moderator to delete the flag before it goes viral. List of ...
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Should the "scripture" tag be dropped in awe of "mythology" tag?

In this question, which is about a Hindu Itihasa scripture called the Mahabharata, OP has tagged it with mythology. Isn't scripture more appropriate? Because the former tag gives an impression that ...
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What is wrong with the history tag? [duplicate]

I asked this question on Mahabharata and used a history tag. Someone added a mythology tag. I removed it and it was added back again. Before I ask a question, I would like to give some background. A ...
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