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Who all are authority or qualified to post an authoritative opinion on religion, spirituality and Hindu Dharma?

In the absence of any scriptural reference, written works of scholars, researchers and popular personalities can be used which must be providing a relevant answer. The above is taken from this answer,...
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Can we revisit the sources required rule?

There are a few answers based only on what the user knows and which do not provide any citations, what exactly do we do in these cases? From Can we enforce quotations of scripture references?, we get ...
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How do we want to handle discrepancies between belief systems on this site?

What kind of answers do we want to see here? Is this a site for propagation of dogma with judgement for 'non-believers' (of ideology / religion / what-be-it) or is this for scholarly discussion of ...
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Let's delete all old answers from early days of the site that lack any references at all

Inspired by the following comment by @Shog9, I'm proposing to delete all answers from early days of the site that have zero scriptural references and sound like plain opinions. ...the notion of ...
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Official policy for deleting answers that don't cite sources

As discussed in this question, most users agree with rule of backing up answers with sources. Now comes the question, what is the official procedure for deleting answers that don't cite sources? Two ...
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Private beta extended - please focus on quality

I'm a member of the Community Management team here at Stack Exchange; we're the ones responsible for determining when each new site is ready to move on to the next stage of its life cycle. It's been a ...
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Let us stop asking for "Sources" every time

I am noticing that users are asking to cite sources for every answer posted without a relevant source. We are actually encouraging users to write the answers on their own, please refer The copy-paste ...
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Do we require to cite sources/scriptures in philosophical thinking?

What does this website's name stand for? (SanAtan) Dharma vs Hinduism Looking at the vast knowledge of members here, I often feel that what we majorly discuss here is SanAthan Dharma disguised as ...
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Does Hinduism SE promote a reductionist approach to answering questions?

I am a new user and I have been reading through many questions and answers and observing the moderation process. It appears to me that this site encourages or enforces a reductionist approach to ...
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So can I use a comment as an answer to the question?

I have been going through the unanswered questions list of this SE and was surprised to see how many of the questions were actually answered in the comments. The commentator then virtually abandons ...
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Answer wrongly deleted - 1 [compromised]

Here is the post: Why did Krishna steal butter and milk?. This nearly 2 years old answer is deleted under no clear written policy. I have presented 2 reasons to the Qn & also cited following ...
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Can the mods go easy on declining flags on old unsourced answers?

Some of my recent flags asking for citation notice on a couple of old answers from 2014 are declined. In the decline reason, the mod is pointing me to an answer about deleting old unsourced answers ...
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Let's prepare the layout and contents for "Useful resources" at help center

After discussion on About providing useful resources at our help-center, Now it is time to create the layout and provide content for the section "Useful resource" at help center. So, Let's build ...
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A call to action: what do you want to see here?

As you may have noticed, the big news of the day is that your moderator team has changed. I thought I would take this as an opportunity to issue your community a call to action. The moderators on any ...
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Answer wrongly deleted - 5 [compromised]

My first answer on this site to the post How could octogenarian heroes fight in Mahabharata? was deleted. The answer was deleted under scientific speculation. However: There was no written policy, ...
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