I'm just curious as to how people found out about this site, so I'm running a bit of a survey here to know more about fellow users. Basically, if someone has provided an answer to the titular question already, upvote it. Otherwise, post your own answer! So, please answer the following questions.

  • How did you come to know about this site?
  • What topics do you find interesting on our site?

This is a post to know more about fellow users. Please don't downvote any answer.


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I could have written a big story, but it would reveal a lot about me. From the Physics stack exchange to Hinduism stack exchange. In between lie those thousands of questions produced due to the most Tamasic tantra on the internet. To know their answers, I had to read more!

The first answer I gave on this site is a beautiful coincidence! It's probably a beautiful blessing of god. It was 'श्री' the letter that one puts before starting to write! Infact श्री is the very first letter I wrote unknowingly!

I thought I knew many things, but it was not the case. Almost all topics are equally intresting.

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    I would be interested to know that big story, but since it may reveal some personal info, I respect your choice. Thanks for posting the answer. Stay active. :) – TheLittleNaruto Mar 18 at 9:08

I am already aware of the StackExchange ecosystem, and Stackoverflow is one of the most frequently visited websites for me. I am also very interested in Indian/Hindu culture, and consequently started reading about Indian Philosophy and literature like the Mahabharata recently.

While reading the Mahabharata, I needed some clarifications on a particular piece of text to understand it better, and thus I came across the Hinduism.SE site.

As I said, my current topics of interests are the Mahabharata and Indian philosophies!


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