As we know, we have an on-topic page. This is shown as What topics can I ask about here? in the help center.

This page helps the users to know which questions are on-topic and off-topic on our site.

Currently under the off-topic section, the reasons stated are:

  • Personal advice questions.
  • Scientific speculation.
  • Questions soliciting opinion.

I feel that it would be great if these are linked with relevant meta discussions. Adding them will help the new users understand why we consider such questions off-topic. This will reduce off-topic questions based on Here are the relevant discussions for the first two reasons.

Why to add links? these posts are already linked in the close reasons.

  • Adding these links would help the users who visit the help center before posting on the main site.

  • This saves their time and it decreases an off-topic question on our site.

  • Reading the meta discussion clears a doubt in users which type of questions are personal advice, scientific speculation and which are not. So, they shall modify their questions to on-topic question or refrain from posting the question.

Many sites have linked their meta posts to on topic and off-topic reasons for the better understanding of the users.

So, I believe implementing this would help the users(specially new users).



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