Internet has become a repository of information today. Though there are many question-answers about Hinduism on websites and forums but the quality & reliability of StackExchange surpasses that of other sites.

Many people are looking for the information on various topics of Hinduism on the web but we know that they don't find correct/reliable information on internet always. So, it would be great help and beneficence/obligation if we provide right and correct information on those topics here.

So, I'm proposing the following idea:

If / Whenever you find a very good, interesting and important question that people look for frequently and deserves to be a good Q/A post on this site, post it. If you've knowledge about that topic, then you're encouraged to share in Q/A (say self-answer) form.

  • This will make our site good knowledge base for such frequent and significant questions.

  • This will increase questions per day and % answered stats on Area 51.

  • This may also increase the chance of users joining the site as StackExchange posts are nicely indexed with search engines like Google.


Note for beginners: Visit on-topic, how to ask a good question and write a good answer. Always insist on citing authoritative and reliable sources and references in the answer.

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  • @sv. That also says -- "If your question is interesting, unanswered by search, you think may be helpful to others if I post it here, than ask, nothings wrong in asking a question which is searchable online, so that users get authentic information from this site."
    – Pandya Mod
    Mar 8, 2017 at 0:29


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