So how much reputation you need before you can create tags?

How to discuss whether or not a tag is valid?

Maybe I think it is but other members of this site will find it is not.

In this particular case:

I would like to create the tag mercy because mercy is one of the qualities of the Lord - He is very merciful but there many ways He has shown that mercy and everything related to that could be tagged as such.

the question below is one example where I would use it:

Vishnu and His mercy in His hands

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According to this link in Help Center pages on this site i.e. Hinduism SE , One should have minimum of 150 reputation , to avail the privilege of creating and adding tags to the site. Also please check out rest the Help section to know more about other privileges and reputations.

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    that is correct I followed the link and went back to my original question and added the tag.
    – max bench
    Commented Sep 22, 2016 at 15:56

You need 1500 reputation now to create new tags.

Keep in mind that many seemingly obvious tags may be named different than you expect, to avoid ambiguity. For example, access seems like it should be an obvious tag. However, it is not used because it was often attached to questions covering both security permissions and a certain notorious database platform. Instead, the tags authorization or permissions should be used for the former, and ms-access for the latter. These names avoid ambiguity, and there is zero additional benefit to also using "access" in either case.

Also remember that the point of tags on Stack Exchange is not to summarize your question, but rather to sort it into a set of well-defined categories. Tags are how your question connects to an audience of users qualified to answer it. These users will have certain tags marked as 'interesting' or subscribe to the rss feeds for their tags. If you create a new tag, that tag is guaranteed to not help attract any of those users.

A good rule of thumb is to check the auto-suggest prompts when tagging your question. Any tag with a number less than 10 (100 on Stack Oveflow itself) after it's name is more than likely wrong. If you feel you have a fairly common topic (take 'mssql' for example) and you see a very small number for that tag, try an alternate name (like 'sql-server').


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