It is well known that several modern experts of different domains do supporting comments about Hinduism.

Consider the following questions

Are there any modern biologists other than X supported ayurveda?

Did any quantum physics researcher talk about Advaitha vedanta and what are their arguments for supporting it? !

Are there any experts like C talked about the uniqueness of Hinduism regarding astronomy?

All the questions are asking for expert opinions that are not against scriptures. Is it allowed to ask such questions on our main site?

I personally feel that it will be okay to ask such questions assuming common sense of questioner.

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    Though how tempting it looks, I am disagreeing at the moment. Such questions are so many that eventually this site will lose the defined scope and becomes something else. I think such questions are gratefully welcome at Skeptics.SE. – Mr_Green Apr 19 at 5:25
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    They are experts in other fields of study not Hinduism. So, their opinions must not be treated as authoritative on this site. Just like opinions of Mahatma Gandhi, Irawati Karwe, H.D.Sankalia, James Talboys Wheeler etc. are not – Rickross Apr 23 at 6:33

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