When someone qoutes verses from vedas, which website it is. Because I can't find any good translation of the Vedas. Expect ralff t Griffith.

Please give the URL.


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There are very few resources online to read Vedas as such. Even "Ralff t Griffith" translations are not perfect. They are just like a word meaning-based conversion of Vedic texts. But Vedic texts are not just translations.

You can also refer to these two sites for translation and further reading:

  1. Online Ved This site has commentary and remarks for Vedic text along with Sanskrit texts.

  2. Vedic Heritage This site has videos of the pronunciation of Sanskrit texts and related links for Hindi and English translations along with commentaries and other reference links.

I found the above two sites more useful than Griffith because of the presence of actual texts. Through which you can also understand a bit about the actual translation.

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