This question on roots of Karma Yoga is not the same as the question on "law of Karma". The former is about selfless action without desire for specific results. The latter is about the inferential law of "cause and effect" of individual actions.

How does one message a moderator or request to reopen the question?

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    Yes origin of law of karma and karma yoga.. are different things.. Question needs to be reopened!...
    – Tezz
    Commented Jun 26, 2020 at 7:28
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    I changed the title to "What is the origin of Nishkama Karma (selfless action)?" so users don't mistake it as dup. of the other. Commented Jun 27, 2020 at 20:03

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First of all, the given question is reopened. You can check timeline of the given question for the same.

What we can do when we see a question is closed as duplicate but it shouldn't be?

Cast "reopen" vote.

Who can cast reopen vote?

Any user with 500+ reputation can cast close/reopen vote. Below that reputation, a user can flag.

To know all the privileges based on reputation, check this link:



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