Do any commentators on scripture take into account the ProtoIndoEuropean root meanings of Sanskrit words?

the question received 2 close votes for being opinion based after which I changed it and the way it is now it is very clearly an objective question for which I have already given an objective answer.

Why is my post being singled out when PIE etymologies of Sanskrit words have been used in the following posts?

2/27/2020 I think those in a position to decide at least owe me a "yes" or "no" answer.

What are the etymologies of the words brahman (ब्रह्मन्) and brāhmaṇa/brahmin (ब्राह्मण)?

From the root बृंहति (bṛṃhati), and this from the verbal Proto-Indo-European root *bʰerǵʰ- (“to become high, rise, elevate”).

Meaning of the " tri " in trishulam - Is it english or sanskrit?

From Middle English thre, threo, thrie, thri, from Old English þreō, þriē, þrī, from Proto-Germanic *þrīz, from Proto-Indo-European *tréyes.

(the poster disagrees with it - but he did cite the PIE etymology.

What does the word 'Asura' mean in the Vedas?

From Proto-Indo-Aryan * Hásuras, from Proto-Indo-Iranian * Hásuras, from Proto-Indo-European * h₂ń̥suros.

Related to असु (asu-), with several possible etymologies and meanings. In the context of asura conventionally associated with asu- in the sense of "master of the house". This meaning is not further narrowed by its etymology: cf. Avestan 𐬀𐬵𐬎‎ (ahu, “lord”) and 𐬀𐬵𐬎𐬭𐬀‎ (ahura, “lord”), Hittite 𒈗 (ḥaššū, “king”), and Latin erus (“lord”). Possibly ultimately from Proto-Indo-European h₂ens- (“to engender, beget”). Compare Old Norse æsir.

The Brahmanas and the Puranas derive asura from another asu-, "breath", a cognate of which is found in Av. ahu-, "life, existence". In yet other post-Vedic Sanskrit literature, asura was back-formed as a-sura, "non-sura", with sura then associated with a group of gods who inhabit Indra's domain.

According to Etymonline,

"spirit, lord," from Indo-Iranian asuras, from suffixed form of PIE root ansu- "spirit"


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