The title of Are there any verses which say Vishnu is source of all avatars? looks fine but the body has several unrelated questions:

  • Since there are different Vishnus and such complexity in pancharatra, I want to know about root Vishnu from whom all other Vishnus and avatars emanate.

  • Which Vishnu is talked about when we say Vishnu's 10 avatars. Where does he stay?

  • What happens to this Vishnu when mortal world destroys?

  • What happens to chatur vyuha of mortal world?

And I can't vote to close it as 'too broad' because of an open bounty.

This looks like a loophole in the system to ask off-topic/too-broad questions and immediately start a bounty to prevent closure.

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    You can flag for moderator intervention and they can close. Feb 6, 2019 at 1:20


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