1. Did Lord Vishnu rape tulsi in her previous birth?

This above question is marked Duplicate of this question-
2. Vishnu seducing Jalandhar's wife Vrinda: an act of injustice? Why?

The Q1 asks what is the story or source of story
and Q2 asks was Vishnu's act a justice

Here's what Q1 asks -

1) Is this correct or a fake story?
2) What is the source of this story?
3) Where can I find the original translation of this myth?
4) Is it available on sacred-texts.com?
Which purana or scripture is it in?

And here's what Q2 asks -

Question: Jalandhara should be punished for thinking evil about Parvati, then why is vrinda punished for his misdeeds?
Isn't this an act of injustice?

Clearly in no manner Q1 is duplicate of Q2.

Q1 should be reopened.

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    @AnuragSingh Ok. I will reopen it. Looks like you asked me with other account which i was not notified.
    – The Destroyer Mod
    Commented Apr 6, 2018 at 17:24


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