If we visit any user's profile it will show data like:

  • Member for (Years; Months)
  • profile views
  • last seen
  • visited- X days; Y consecutive.

For my profile in particular it shows that i am a member for 2 years and 1 month (which must be view-able to all as i can also view the same for others) and that i visited 601 days; 10 consecutive.

enter image description here

The last data (visited) is not publicly shown ( I can not see the same for any other users except mine for example).


  1. Can this data be known for any arbitrary user?

  2. Can the moderators of our site see this data for all users?


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No. It is not available for a normal user. It is available for you and moderators only.

For normal users or when logged out

Profile activity info of a profile

For the user when logged in the same as you uploaded in the question.

For moderators, extra info is shown due to the gems they possess.

profile for moderators.

Imsge taken from MSE answer

SEDE also doesn't give the consecutive days visited (Confirmed on Meta Stack exchange also) .

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