Currently, our main chatroom name is "Hinduism". Are we going to stick with it? If not, what should we change it to?

Note: Feel free to add your chatroom name suggestions as answers.

  • Seems reasonable, c.2020 there is good participation with that name, and the name is very understandable. Thank you :)
    – M H
    Commented Nov 17, 2020 at 5:19

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I suggest that (for now, anyway) we stick with Hinduism. We want to make sure that the chatroom is easy to find.


Sanatan Dharma

Note: But I think this may not be easy to find other users (outers)! However, we can use this name like other communities do

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I would highly recommend having a constant name and a subheading. Like the following:

Hinduism: any variable short phrase

We can keep the word Hinduism constant forever. Few of us would be the room owners and they can change the short phrase once in a while. The phrase should be related to Hinduism, mythology etc. Below are a few examples:

Hinduism: The Flying Pushpak

Hinduism: Here rest the vedas


Vedic Dharma




Hope whom we meet is gentle and the talk would be significant. Satsanga is very important in our life for Yoga and spiritual progress.


To me "Pushpak" seems nice.

  • Taken from "Pushpak vimaan" (ancient mythology aeroplane)

Based on nature of the room Hinduism ,Which is main Chat- room of our Hinduism Stack Exchange site.I would suggest two good names.As suggested by @Pandya "Sanatan Dharma" is also a good name ,but I would like to further add the word "Sarita (सरिता) ,which means River to It.

So the name will be Sanatan Dharma Sarita (सनातन धर्म सरिता).The idea is to show the similarity between a River and the chat room .as the new questions always been displayed on that room and which is always flowing ie.something always going on in that room.

Also Hindu Dharma Pushpa Sarita (हिंदू धर्म पुष्प सरिता) is good name.Here the concept of flower is used.

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